In 1968, student Steve Wells established Wagner College Broadcasting Group (WCBG). The station began broadcasting via an intercom system in the Union, and soon after, began playing in the residence halls via a carrier system which ran the audio feed into the telephone lines in the residence halls. Students were now able to listen daily to the station that broadcasted from 6AM to 2AM.

As years passed, WCBG began to broadcast and commentate on both the football and basketball games, and soon these broadcasts extended to the Student Union and were played in the Hawks Nest. Through the 70’s and 80’s, the station grew to about twenty-five dedicated students who managed and broadcasted the station. In 1979, WCBG joined the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System and began transmitting across campus. By 1981, the station was broadcasting fully from the Union and the station managers wanted to start broadcasting via the public radio. After filing for an FCC license in 1981, WCBG began broadcasting part-time on 64AM and in January of 1984, went full-time. By 1990, the station was the official voice of the athletic department and had a major presence in the Staten Island sports community.

Because of campus violations, WCBG struggled for many years, but saw change in 2001 when the station moved to its new location in the basement of Harborview Hall. In February of 2003, WCBG launched wcbgradio.com, which highlighted DJ information, schedules, and much more. The music library of the station grew to over two thousand CD’s and had a large compilation of collectible vinyls. With intent to overcome the setbacks, WCBG expanded their staff and began broadcasting online as well.

From early 2010 to early 2013 the station saw little improvement and received heavy criticism as a result of poor management and further college violations. In the summer of 2013, the rebuilding process began—the station was moved to the basement of Cunard Hall and a new station manager and executive staff was formed. In February of 2015, the all-new WCBG began broadcasting again at wcbgradio.org.